Laboratory paper publishing institution (trial)

  • Article 1. The content of the papers written by the laboratory personnel is related to the laboratory research content or based on the laboratory research platform. It must be managed by the laboratory and complies with the following regulations.
  • Article 2. Papers written by all laboratory personnel must be submitted to the laboratory review committee secretariat before being formally submitted for approval, approved by the laboratory paper review committee, and approved by the laboratory paper review committee director before they can be delivered. .
  • Article 3.The author of the paper negotiates with the tutor to determine the signature of the first author and the correspondent author. The remaining participants are ranked according to the contribution of the paper, and the team leaders shall arrange and coordinate uniformly.
  • Article 4.Master’s thesis requirements: publish one paper in the SCI index magazine or at least one paper in the international conference indexed by EI (whether the paper review committee discusses whether the conference level meets the graduation requirements);Ph.D. graduation requirements: 3 papers published in SCI index magazines or international 2 (and above) conference papers.
  • Article 5. Under the condition that the paper is published without signature restrictions, all members of the laboratory paper review committee shall be signed in the paper, and the ranking order shall be determined by the laboratory paper review committee.
  • Article 6.All published papers and papers to be published in the laboratory shall be managed by the secretary of the laboratory paper review committee for review, delivery, statistics and archiving.
  • Article 7.If there is any objection in the submission process, it shall be submitted to the secretariat of the laboratory paper review committee for discussion and decision by the laboratory paper review committee.
  • Article 8.The laboratory paper review committee will hold paper review seminars from time to time to ensure that the papers can be submitted within the specified time.
  • Article 9.The unit unit signature requirements, English format: Ubiquitous Awareness and Intelligent Solutions Lab, Lanzhou University, Lanzhou, Gansu, 730000, P.R.China;中文格式:兰州大学普适感知与智能系统实验室,兰州,甘肃,730000
  • Article 10. For the papers that violate this system, the laboratory shall not bear any responsibility, not to reimburse the page fee, not to pay other related expenses, and to dispose of the manuscript, notice and criticism according to the seriousness of the case.
  • Article 11.This institution is temporarily suspended for one year.

Laboratory paper review committee
Director: Bin Hu
Members:Qinglin Zhao , Zhijun Yao, Xiaowei Li,Xiaoyu Zhang , Guoping Gao,Zhenyu Liu ,Hanshu Cai

The above is a temporary implementation system. If there is any objection, you can submit comments or suggestions to the laboratory secretary before 4.15.