UAIS Lab held a seminar on research progress in key laboratories

       On April 6, 2019, the UAIS laboratory held a seminar on the research progress of key laboratories in Feiyun Building 406. All the teachers and students of the laboratory participated in the seminar. The meeting was presided over by Teacher Xiaowei Zhang. Professor Bin Hu attended the meeting and gave a report entitled 《Emotional Intelligence and Psychophysiological Calculation》. Professor Bin Hu emphasized that all students should fully understand the characteristics of the laboratory, clarify their own positioning and direction, conduct in-depth thinking, build confidence, and work hard in scientific research. The heads and some students of the EEG and Eye Movement Analysis Group, the Audio and Video Research and Analysis Group, the Intervention System and the Big Data Analysis Group, and the Physiological Signal Analysis and Feedback Study Group made work reports, summarizing the current status and difficulties of the current work. As well as the direction of future work, and interacted with other teachers and students in the laboratory, and exchanged opinions and views on some details. Finally, after the voting session, the best performance group, the best doctoral and master students in this seminar were selected.

       The successful convening of this seminar is conducive to the full communication and exchange between different groups of teachers and students, and has a good effect on the improvement of the scientific research level of all the teachers and students in the laboratory. In the future, such seminars will be held irregularly in the laboratory to better promote the exchange of ideas between teachers and students.