UAIS organizational structure




Director:Bin Hu

Deputy Director: Hong Peng

Finance: Xiaowei Zhang

Laboratory equipment management: Fang Zheng

Biosensing Design and Signal Analysis Group

Team leader:Qinglin Zhao

      Mainly researches the design and development of biosensors, including brain-computer interface, coupled ECG, bio-radar, signal analysis and algorithm design. The research field involves brain electricity, electrocardiogram, and breathing.

Biomedical information group

Team leader:Zhijun Yao

      Mainly engaged in brain imaging research, through the collection, processing and analysis of brain image data, to explore the specific laws of human brain in some medical phenomena, and develop practical and effective medical analysis system based on research results, both research and development in the work content , cultivated a lot of talents with strong comprehensive ability.

EEG and eye movement analysis group

Team leader:Xiaowei Li

      Mainly research biomedical data processing, machine learning, brain network, ERP analysis and deep learning. Based on EEG and eye movement signals, models of different populations (such as depression patients, psychological hypertension groups, etc.) are studied to provide accurate and objective evaluation methods and biological indicators for different mental illnesses.

Multimode Fusion Knowledge Modeling Group

Team leader:Xioawei Zhang

        The main research direction is multimodal knowledge modeling and application based on human physiological signals and medical images. Through the expression of physiological signals (such as EEG, ECG, respiration, heart rate and skin impedance), medical images (such as MRI and fMRI) and basic personal information (such as age, gender, interest, etc.), organization and modeling, And combine it with mathematical statistical methods, fuzzy mathematics theory and semantic expression technology to study models suitable for different groups of people (such as learners, depression patients, patients with mental hypertension and mild cognitive impairment), for accurate, Objectively and real-time monitoring of abnormal emotional and psychological state changes, timely and timely psychological intervention and treatment, providing a theoretical basis for psychophysiological calculation research.

Wearable antenna Group

Team leader:Guoping Gao

        The main design and research of wearable antennas, the antenna is integrated into the clothing worn by the human body, and it is more convenient to obtain various bioelectric signals simultaneously for wireless transmission.

Audio and Video Research and Analysis Group

Team leader:Zhenyu Liu

        Analyze human emotional information through speech and video signals, assess mental status, and apply it to the assessment of depression.

Intervention system and big data analysis group

Team leader:Hanshu Cai

        Break through the traditional methods of diagnosis and treatment of mental disorders, and explore new early identification and intervention techniques for mental disorders combining universal sensor, artificial intelligence computing, big data analysis, and virtual reality.

Physiological electrical signal analysis and feedback research group

Team leader:Hong Peng

        It mainly studies the acquisition and analysis of physiological electrical signals related to human emotions, sleep, fatigue and other states, near-infrared signal analysis, and mental state-related transcranial magnetic stimulation feedback intervention.

Facial expression and behavior research group

Team leader:Minqiang Yang

        It mainly studies the emotion intelligence based on facial expression and behavior data.