With innovative developments in Computer Science, e.g. Pervasive Computing, Affective/Cognitive Computing, and their amazing applications, the Human Computer Interaction (HCI) has been impacted by some emerging research and technologies, such as, Brain-Computer Interface (BCI), Electrocenphlogram Interface (EEGI), NHCI/NI (Neural Human-Computer Interface), and Cognitive Interaction etc. I believe that Cognitive/Neural Interface, no matter what it should be called, may perhaps be one of the most promising and life altering technologies in existence today. The implementation of these technologies could launch the world into a new era, especially, in the ways of Assisted living, Health Care, E-commerce, Security (Biometrics), Learning, like Stephen Hawking said: “We must develop as quickly as possible technologies that make possible a direct connection between brain and computer, so that artificial brains contribute to human intelligence rather than opposing it.”
My research on Cognitive/Neural Interface is evolved in three layers: Mechanisms between Human Affect/Emotion and Bio-information (Brain:fMRI/EEG, Body:ECG/EMG/Eyes-tracking…); Bio-information Pattern Analysis and Features Extraction; Multimodal information Modeling. (Fig.1)

Fig. 1. Research on Cognitive/Neural Interface
The core layer focuses on investigating the connections and meanings between Human Affect/emotion and Bio-information through analyzing the feedbacks from EEG/ECG/EMG, fMRI etc.
The middle layer means to develop mathematical algorithms for Bio-signals de-noising, extracting Bio-data features and analyzing individual’s pattern.
The edge layer will develop multimodal data modeling and inference methodologies for combination of Bio-data features with other types of context factors, e.g. user profiles and activities, then build standard interface to variable applications.

Although there are still some challenges to research in the subject before such a solution can transcend our being, I believe that innovations in the world in the near future will unveil these ingenious emerging technologies and bring them to us.