Bin Hu’s teaching team won the honorary title of the “Top Ten Leading Team” of the first graduate student of Lanzhou University.

        In order to thoroughly study and implement the spirit of the National Education Conference and the National College Ideological and Political Work Conference, strengthen the moral education consciousness of the tutors, promote the exchanges and study of the graduate student guidance team, build a harmonious and harmonious relationship between teachers and students, and create a harmonious development of the guiding culture atmosphere, the Lanzhou University Graduate School will hold The first graduate student “Top Ten Guidance Team” was selected for the exhibition.

        The Academy of Information elected Bin Hu’s teaching team to participate in the selection of the “Top Ten Leading Team”. A total of 20 candidate teams were produced through recommended reporting and qualification review. According to expert review, onsite voting by student representatives and online voting results, Bin Hu’s teaching team won the honorary title of “Top Ten Leading Team” of Lanzhou University.