Bin Hu

Dr. Hu was elected as Fellow of the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE) and the Institution of [...]

Xiping Hu

Dr. Xiping Hu, Professor, Laureate of the National Recruitment Programme of Global Experts (Youth Project), Doctoral Supervisor. He graduated from [...]

Xiaowei Li

Associate professor, master tutor. His research interests include biomedical data processing, universal emotional computing, and machine learning. The current [...]

Xiaowei Zhang

  Zhang xiaowei, Ph.D., associate professor, school of information science and engineering, lanzhou university, member of ACM lanzhou branch. At [...]

Hong Peng

Dr. Hong Peng,  associate professor, the Electrophysiological signal analysis team leader, graduated from Lanzhou University as an undergraduate, master [...]

Jing Zhu

Female, engineer. She graduated from the Academy of Information Science and Engineering of Lanzhou University in 2008 with a [...]